New-born clothing essentials every new parent needs

New-born clothing essentials every new parent needs

Becoming a parent for the first time is an exciting but daunting time for everyone. It can feel like you need every piece of equipment, new toy, or item of clothing under the sun. It’s easy to get swept up in every new thing that comes along. When it comes to clothing, there are really just a few key pieces that your baby needs in their first weeks.

One pieces

Rompers or onesies are appropriate, depending on the time of year your little one will be born. One pieces are a huge essential for any baby wardrobe. They offer comfort and warmth, and they’re great for both sleep and play. This doesn’t mean your babies outfit has to be dull, there are a huge range of delightful colors and prints available for new-borns.

How many do you need? Accidents happen all the time – so you should aim to have between 5-7 rompers or onesies in your new baby’s wardrobe.

Pull on pants

Onesies and rompers are great, but separate pieces are a great choice too. If just the baby’s top or pants get dirty, there’s no need to assemble a whole new outfit if they’re wearing separates. You should opt for stretchy materials that will fit over the body (and nappies) and ideally expand as your baby grows.

How many do you need? As with rompers and onesies, it’s a good idea to have between 5-7 different pairs of pants or leggings.

Jacket or sweaters

A jacket or sweater is essential, especially if your baby arrives in the winter. Most babies will prefer a button-up jacket or sweater rather than one that pulls on over the head.

How many do you need? Unless you live in a very cold climate, just one or two jackets or sweaters should be efficient.


Hats are an essential, particularly if you’re taking your child for regular walks and bouts of fresh air. A light, brimmed hat is perfect for keeping them cool in the summer months, but you should opt for thicker hat that keeps the ears warm in winter.

How many do you need? Hats don’t often get as dirty as other items of clothing, so 1-3 is usually enough to see your baby through any time of year.

Socks and booties

It’s important that every part of your baby is kept nice and warm, particularly in their first few weeks. Rompers often come with the feet built in, but if your child is wearing a legless onesie you will need a selection of socks. Socks are great foot indoors, but you’ll always need booties for when you venture outside with them.

How many do you need? This really depends on how many of your rompers have feet. You should make sure you have at least one pair for every day of the week.

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