Babys' Future Fund

We are currently taking steps to shift Softbaby's focus from that of a traditional e-commerce brand to a Giving Brand. What that means to us, is we're going to share our opportunities and rewards with our community and beyond. We're doing this through the Babys' Future Fund, which includes Share Softbaby, and educational leadership opportunities for parents. 


Education for Parents - Nurturing and loving a child takes a community. We are creating training opportunities in the organization for single primary custodial parents and caregivers who qualify. These 18-month, paid positions will focus on the functional areas of technical e-commerce roles, business operations, and creative/ marketing. These parents actions will have a direct impact on the growth and success of the business. We are not giving a handout, as these parents add true value and have natural skills we have worked to nurture. 

Education for our Softbabys' - We believe there is enough greed in this world and we do not want to contribute to it. Our salaries are capped. Any profit above operational costs and the team payroll will go to a trust fund called the Babys' Future Trust Fund. That money will be locked tight until our Softbaby parents children are ready to pursue higher education or approved vocational training. We will also find ways to support parents with K-12 needs if we have the means. These little ones are the next generation. We will help their parents build the foundation for a bright future in leadership!

"Share Softbaby" Products with Others - We'll also create a channel of giving back from our customers. Once your little one has outgrown their Softbaby products we'ill ship you a shipping label to send us the product so we can clean and prepare for donations to foster programs and vulnerable children who may not have access to proper baby apparel.