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Healthy Beginning with Babies

by Natasha S on September 19, 2019

Congratulations on the arrival of your little one! Love them all you want but don't forget that these tiny humans are sensitive to quite a lot of things. You need to understand that their immunity is not the same as adults or other elder kids. Viruses, bacteria, and toxins are quick to attack them and what happens later is distressing.

Let's talk about the importance of the first 1,000 days of your baby’s existence in this world as this is a really good opportunity to build their immunity and develop a beautiful bond with them.


  1. Organic Clothing

Skin is the largest organ of the integumentary system which also ensures the safety of all other organs inside the body. Hence, always make efforts to protect the baby's skin first to improve their overall health. Here, we cannot stress enough on the usage of organic clothing for the little souls. They say babies have extremely sensitive skin. Even a mosquito bite tends to leave a serious impact so imagine what is going to happen if it comes under the effect of chemicals used in poorly made clothes. Such chemicals do not even spare the elders so how can you expect a baby to bear the wrath? Keep a set of organic clothes ready even before the baby's arrival so that their life starts with a major healthy step. Zero use of pesticides, unnecessary chemicals and genetically modified organisms while growing the crops is by far the best thing about organic materials. This keeps the baby’s skin at eternal peace and it is so comforting to see the little human not crying at the top of their lungs because of the painful rashes and the never-ending urge to itch.

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  1. Nutrition

Breastfeeding moms should take utmost care of their diet. What you eat during this phase greatly affects your body and your baby’s health. None of these should bear any sort of negligence because both the factors ensure a happy and healthy life for both of you. Try to maintain a well-balanced diet and don’t go overboard with anything to avoid any sort of health hazards. Your calorie intake should not be too less or too high as everything works well within the limit. Also, understand the implications of processed food on your brain and overall health so keep an arm’s distance from it. And STAY HYDRATED! If your baby is grown enough to eat solids, then it is your duty to put your heart and soul into their diet. Don’t make them fall in love with colas and candies. You wouldn’t want your child to fall prey to obesity, acid reflux and hyperactivity.  Without any doubt, good nutrition is the key to good health.


  1. Hygiene

Like we discussed earlier, a child's immunity is not as great. Parents have to make tons of efforts to work on the baby's immunity because this is something that stays with them for the rest of their lives. Apart from healthy food and high-quality organic clothing, hygiene has a crucial role to play in a child's life and there is no denying the fact. Give them regular baths with warm water for about 3-5 minutes to get rid of all the toxins transferred on to their skin because of various reasons such as crawling on the floor. Also, don’t make them wear the same dress for the whole day. It should be changed at least twice or thrice as a child’s clothes tend to get dirty more often. And make sure you wash their hands and feet if by any chance you are not able to give them a bath.


  1. Spend More Time

Often parents think that the baby is just a few months old so why would they want their time? The truth is that your child needs your time the most. Even the world's best nanny cannot give the same quality of attention as a mom or dad would. You develop a healthy and loving relationship with the babies during the earliest days especially when the baby starts recognizing you. You might have noticed babies who get to spend more time with their parents are the happiest. No wonder, they want that warmth and affection. It’s their very basic need which is the parents’ responsibility to fulfill.


  1. Learning Activities

A child becomes responsive at 5 or 6 months and just a few months later, they become smart enough to learn a certain set of skills. For example, saying goodbye, standing without any support and recognizing objects. Their likes and dislikes also start developing around this time. Your support has a major role to play here. This is a very good time to work on your child’s brain development and learning skills. Engage them in more and more learning activities at this stage. Read out short stories to them, encourage them to explore more stuff, and have proper conversations with them to enhance their language skills. But remember, don’t be too hard on them. Their mind can only handle so much and you wouldn’t want to turn your child into a cranky and frustrated baby.


  1. Always Supervise

Don’t leave your babies unsupervised even if they are two days old thinking that there are no chances of them rolling over to the other side of the bed. Your child needs you to be there with them all the time especially when they learn to move around. Bear in mind, parenting is a tricky procedure. You look away for five minutes and your crawling baby will make their way to the most dangerous corner of the house. For instance, water tub, staircase, or electric switches. More than that, it is certainly not safe to leave your baby alone with strangers. You are the guardian and only you can give provide them with safety, love and shelter that your child requires. There is no bigger well-wisher than parents.

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