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How to Protect Your Babies from Harmful Chemicals?

by Sharon Salmon on June 04, 2020

Excessive use of chemicals in every other product has put everyone’s health at a big risk.

It is worse for babies because they are in the developing phase.

Unfortunately, their skin and other organs are highly vulnerable which is why experts stress on taking extra care of these tiny souls.

Sometimes, these chemicals leave a life-long impact on a baby’s health.

There are quite a few specific reasons as to why it is easier for the chemicals to affect children.

Children generally have a faster metabolism which makes them absorb contaminants at a much rapid rate.

Also, their system does not work in the same way as adults.

Like adults, infants don’t discharge contaminants or store them in the fat and this brings loads of harm their way.

Toddlers spend a major chunk of their time rolling on the floor instead of quietly sitting on the couch like adults.

Many people are not aware of this but let us tell you that the ground has heavy polymers, harmful chemicals and other molecules on it.

Children may get serious allergies if they are exposed to these harmful chemicals.

This article lists down useful and easy ways to keep your babies safe from such dangerous chemicals and ensure their physical well-being.


  1. Avoid Processed Food

Processed food does more harm than good. The canned vegetables you bring home to make a nice meal for your toddler are not really nice. Even juices which are supposed to be expired after a year and a half are not good enough for your child’s health. Bear in mind, proper healthy food does not have a very long shelf life. It tends to expire within just a few days. From the packaging to the food itself, everything has a fair amount of chemicals to make it last longer. Eating excessive amount of such foods tends to build aggression and mood disorders among children which are obviously not healthy. Also, it's one of the major causes of obesity which creates a path for a bunch of other diseases. Heartburn, acid reflux and gastric issues are also among the common problems induced by processed food. It's best to get fresh food to avoid the buildup of dangerous toxins inside the child's body. It brings about a very healthy change in moods and the functioning of every organ.


  1. Avoid Plastic Containers

Plastic has not only been harming the environment but also the overall health of babies and adults. Plastic containers are specifically considered unsafe for storing food and beverages. These mainly include baby bottles, canned food liners, and plastic food packaging. According to the studies, the estrogenic activity in plastics paves the path for endocrine-disrupting chemicals. If possible, breastfeed your baby for as long as possible to avoid plastic feeders or get baby bottles with hospital-grade silicone nipples. Another way to avoid serious consequences of plastic is to switch to stainless steel or glass containers. And most importantly, never microwave plastic containers as it makes the matters worse.

  1. Use Organic Clothing

A lot of us do not realize but clothing has a lot to contribute to a baby’s health. Most parents only focus on the design part and choose to buy the cutest outfit rather than a high-quality one. Garments made from poor and synthetic material breed multiple skin conditions. Remember that a baby’s skin is quite vulnerable and therefore you don’t have the choice to undermine the importance of your child’s clothing. Choosing organic clothing for your babies is the wisest choice because of several health benefits attached to it.

Research shows that non-organic produce has a lot to do with cancer because of the significantly high amounts of pesticides used in the growth of crops. Residues of such chemicals are always left in the end product which continues to make lives of babies and children difficult. A baby’s skin is 3 -5 times thinner than an adult’s skin which is why it absorbs harmful chemicals easily. Excessive itching, rashes, and other skin-related problems are the biggest by-products of non-organic produce. 100% cotton and wool clothing are not only good for the skin but it tends to improve mental and emotional health as well. Babies cannot speak so they are unable to convey what's bothering them. An uncomfortable piece of clothing brings out their tears like there's no tomorrow. Organic clothing lets the child live in peace because it is gentle on their skin.

After reading this, you must have understood the importance of organic clothes. No child should be deprived of this blessing because it’s a matter of human health. is one of the most convenient and pocket-friendly platforms to buy healthy baby clothing from. The team puts great emphasis on safety and quality standards because they consider your child as their own.

  1. Fragrance-free Personal Care Products

The world has an unnecessary obsession for products with fancy fragrances. Little do they realize that it messes up an individual’s health. It does even more harm to a little baby. So yes, the shampoo and lotion you buy for your child because of its good smell can turn out to be lethal. Such products come with endocrine disruptors which are known for malformation in baby boys, developmental disorders, and increased allergic reaction. A safer option would be to use organic products and bid goodbye to everything that contains high portions of synthetic fragrances.


  1. Sanitize Toys

Toys are like siblings for babies over 8 months as some even choose to sleep with their dearest teddy bears which is an adorable sight to look at but parents also need to be cautious here especially when it comes to plastic toys which have a whole layer of germs on them. Children do not have enough sense of good and bad so they go on to put their toys in their mouth which transfers a lot of diseases. It is advised for parents to sanitize their baby’s toys properly before giving it to them. Toys that come without any packaging tend to have more germs residing on them so sanitize them even more.  

Turn your babies into little trendsetters without compromising on their health.

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