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Organic Baby Shower Gifts Guide

by Natasha S on September 19, 2019

Baby shower invites are exciting but you do realize that you cannot go there empty-handed, right? Especially, if it's someone very close giving birth to a little angel. We understand that the process of buying gifts for a newborn can get a little on your nerves. In such a situation, one cannot neither compromise on the quality nor skip the design part. Everyone wishes to give something that is meaningful and touches the core of the heart of the new parents. Our suggestion is that you should buy organic gifts because all parents are specifically concerned about the little one's health so they value and cherish such gifts forever.

This baby shower gift guide is going to make the gift hunt easier than ever. We have listed down everything organic that you can take to your best friend's, sister's or cousin's baby shower. You will definitely create a special place in the new mom's heart by choosing any one of these products for their baby.


  1. Organic Bedding

Infants don’t really do anything else besides sleeping, eating and crying. Also, they either sit on their parents’ laps or in their very own crib. How about you gift them organic bedding to make their cots and bassinets a safer place? We think it's a great idea because soft organic cotton is going to help them sleep comfortably and help to reduce the chances of skin allergies that are caused by the chemicals in non-organic cotton fabrics. There are so many options in organic bedding to choose from. If you are thinking about what to gift for your friend’s baby shower, then organic blanket from SoftBaby is possibly the best gift ever. Other than that, you can buy crib sheets and even mattresses for the tiny human.


  1. Organic Clothing

Help the new mama save her child from horrible skin allergies and other diseases associated with it. Give her a set of organic clothing which could include onesies, rompers, and baby vests. The chemical-free fabric is going to make the life of parents and the child super peaceful. Also, the mother's health is equally important especially when she is supposed to give birth soon. Take your time to find the right maternity dress made of 100% organic material. You can also add a couple of baby's clothes with this to make a completely adorable set. Take our word, it's going to be an extremely thoughtful gift.



  1. Organic Baby Shoes

Just like an adult’s wardrobe, a baby’s wardrobe is also not complete without a few pairs of shoes that can steal the show. Assist your friend in completing the little champ’s wardrobe by a getting her a couple of pair of shoes. Do you know, you can also find organic shoes? Ditch the conventional material and stick to organic products only for the sake of the child's health.


  1. Organic Accessories

If your friend is expecting a baby girl then why not get her little hair accessories and that too organic? The world is full of people trying to make ends meet by making organic goodies for kids and adults. Apart from hair accessories, you could also buy other useful products made from natural material. For instance, you could purchase bibs and beanies. SoftBaby has a splendid collection of beanies which is going to impress the new parents. But you need to play it smartly. Don’t end up giving just one beanie or a headband. Put it as an extra with shoes, clothes or any other thing you find appropriate.


  1. Organic Personal Care Products

Organic personal care products are also one of the best things you could give to a mom-to-be and their child who will be coming into the world soon. A perfect idea would be to fill a basket with lotions, shampoo, and sunscreen. Also, put a hand-written note to add emotions to it. You are going to make your friend's day by doing so. However, educate yourselves about what suits baby skin and a pregnant woman's skin the best. You really wouldn't want to end up buying anything with harmful ingredients.


  1. Organic Food Kit

Moms-to-be and the little ones are always in a dire need for a healthy diet. Take care of their health by giving them an organic food kit. There is so much you can add in the kit. We will mention quite a few things for you to give you an idea of how to go about it including organic yoghurt, rice, cereal, baby formula and there is so much you can add in the mighty organic food kit. This will be a major contribution to someone else's health which is a great act.


  1. Organic Toys

Your friend’s baby will soon grow up and demand toys to play with. This is going to be one tough stage for the little one’s mom and dad. Also, they cannot let him play with everything due to health and safety concerns. Ease their worries by blessing them with organic toys for their baby. Such toys are mostly hand-knit and the material used is 100% organic. It wouldn’t cause much harm to the child’s health and safety.

Here are some free tips to add more value to these organic gifts.

  1. Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping

Don't forget to use eco-friendly papers and ribbons to wrap the gift while you are busy buying organic goodies for the mom and her baby. In other words, we are telling you to not even make eye contact with plastic.

  1. Hand-written Cards

Do you know hand-written cards tend to hold more value than the traditional greeting cards you find at the market? Make the baby shower worth every while by scribbling down your feelings and best wishes for the new baby on a little piece of paper.

  1. Be Practical

Don’t go overboard in an attempt to impress your friend. Keep it simple, straight-forward and meaningful. Avoid buying overly expensive gifts as people do not appreciate the price but the emotions attached to the gift. Also, give something which would actually turn out to be useful and helpful for the parents and babies.

Turn your babies into little trendsetters without compromising on their health. Simply visit or follow us on our social pages to shop your hearts out.





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