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Tips and Tricks to Wash Baby Clothes

by Natasha S on September 19, 2019

This is for all parents who struggle with baby laundry every day. We understand your dilemma and the amount of stress associated with washing your baby's clothes. Although the clothes are tiny in size, the number of times they need to be washed is beyond our imagination. A toddler's laundry might be the toughest job in the world because they spend a major chunk of their day crawling on the floor or getting their selves in messy things. It becomes highly exhausting if a mom is already having a bad day with her other two kids.

This is going to be a very helpful read if you are just on the brink of giving up on washing your baby's clothes. We have shared easy tips and tricks to wash the mountain formed out of tiny clothes without affecting their quality and the baby's health.

Read Care Labels

Manufacturers have a clear idea about how to wash certain clothes and to pass on the information, they add a care label in every garment. For this reason, always check the care label stitched inside the clothes to know the right set of instructions to wash. Otherwise, you might just end up ruining your baby’s clothes.

Disinfect the Clothes

Baby clothes need to be handled with extra care as it leaves a lasting impact on their health. This is why your focus should not be only on the washing part but you also need to disinfect the laundry. It may sound difficult but it's really not. There are certain steps which you need to follow. First, you will have to identify and pre-clean any stains. Experts put extra emphasis on this as most stains are of breast milk and baby food which is one of the most dangerous sources of bacteria. It is advised to use a disinfectant baby detergent here. Secondly, scrape off any bodily fluid such as drool because this also breeds bacteria which can cause the baby to fall sick later. Both of these steps are to be done before you soak the clothes in water.

Disinfect Your Hands

Washing requires the same amount of hygiene as cooking especially when you are supposed to wash baby clothes because little ones are generally more prone to infections and allergies. Always make sure to wash your hands properly before you start with the laundry. This is important because a lot of bacteria is transferred from human hands.

Soak in Water Before and After the Wash

Bacteria is the source of nearly every disease so you have got to fight with it. One way to do so is to soak the clothes in hot water thirty minutes before the wash. This is because bacteria tend to build up on the clothes before they are washed. And after you are done washing, soak the clothes in warm water for twenty to thirty minutes. This is a trusted method of killing bacteria.

Check the Temperature

The temperature of the water has a crucial role to play in washing baby clothes. If you hand wash clothes then we would recommend you to not go for very hot water as it may result in tears. In addition to this, overly hot water can burn your hands.

Use Chemical-free Detergent

This goes out for adult clothes as well. Most detergents that come in fancy packaging and mind-blowing fragrances have high amounts of chemicals. These chemicals might be good for washing clothes but ultimately they tend to affect the skin. And we all know that baby skin is too weak to handle any sort of pressure. Using a liquid detergent is best as it rinses out quickly and easily, unlike the ones that come in powder form.

Wash Bright Colors Separately

Always remember that all colors cannot be washed together because of color bleed. Bright colored clothes tend to leave their mark on the light ones if washed in the same load. Sometimes, the stains turn out to be permanent and the entire piece of clothing is ruined. A better and convenient idea is to separate dark and light tones before you start off with the washing procedure.

Avoid Fabric Softener

Don't fall for every product that claims to make baby laundry easier. We are specifically talking about fabric softeners here. The purpose of washing clothes is to get rid of the stains and not change the original feel of the fabric and just a simple detergent will do the job quite effectively. Stay away from unnecessary products as much as possible because more products mean more chemicals which eventually can harm the baby's skin.

Avoid Detergent Overload

Excess use of detergent makes matters worse for you. Often people believe that using more shampoo, soaps and detergents will help them get rid of the stains quickly. But no, this is not right at all. In fact, it can turn out to be dangerous for the baby's skin and deteriorate the quality of clothes. Detergent overload requires you to rinse the clothes more in order to bid farewell to every bit of residue left on the clothes. And in the process, the detergent leaves stains and more residue on the clothes. Again, this is extremely unhealthy for the baby's skin as it easily absorbs toxic chemicals. Stick to a small amount to keep the quality of clothes intact and the baby's skin safe.

No Direct Sunlight

Parents often complain that their baby’s clothes seem faded after every round of laundry. Most of the times, it has nothing to do with the quality of clothes but the way the clothes have been washed and later dried. Fading is usually the result of drying the clothes under direct sunlight. Bear in mind, neither direct sunlight exposure is good for the skin nor it brings any good to the wet pile of clothes. Make it a habit to put the clothes where sunlight exposure is mild.



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