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Top Baby Clothing Trends

by Natasha S on September 19, 2019

Like adult fashion, baby fashion is also a real thing which has influenced the minds of all parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts.  Surprisingly, there are special fashion shows which are dedicated to kids fashion only where adults can take inspiration from. No wonder, every parent now wants their child to look like a true fashion icon and sure this is one of the cutest things you can do for the baby.

Has your baby started following the latest fashion yet? If not, then go through this guide till the end to know what’s in fashion and how your baby can steal the show with these top baby clothing trends.

Floral Prints

Baby girls live for all things flowery and glittery and to their surprise floral prints in girls’ dresses have been a very dominant and timeless trend. Such prints are perfect to wear in summers and they are not bound to be worn on a specific event. From a birthday party to a picnic in the park nearby, girls can rock floral prints everywhere. Also, it is a very common trend so finding one is not really hard. Almost every baby clothing store has something with printed flowers.

Animal Prints

This trend trickled down from adult fashion and we are happy that it did. Just like floral prints, animal prints are also pretty easy to find. Leopard, lion and zebra print are among the commonly seen animal prints in baby clothing. You can incorporate this trend anywhere in your baby's clothes. For example, in a headband, frock, t-shirt or bottoms. Versatility is something that makes animal prints lovable and one can never go wrong with it. More than that, such prints are classic so they do not run out of fashion within a short time span.

Dressing Up Like Adults

Too much of looking at baby prints can sometimes get quite boring. You should always have something different in mind to make your baby stand out in the crowd full of other babies. Dressing them up like adults is one way to do. For example, if it's your son's first birthday, then make him wear a formal striped dress shirt with basic jeans or chinos. Sometimes the presence of baby elements such as cartoons on clothes does not make the fashion game strong. Hence, it is always good to stick to the idea of following adult trends. Take our word, babies dressed up this way look extremely adorable and shock everyone with the overload of cuteness in their personality.

Retro Style

Taking inspiration from the previous times is not a crime but it is more of a tribute to the fashion that came years ago. Add something retro in your baby’s wardrobe and turn them into a little trendsetter that you have always wanted him to become. Stripes, check, and polka dots are some classic retro prints that can be carried on various occasions without making your baby look odd. In fact, your baby is going to steal the show and might as well win baby of the evening souvenir. To give a more modern look to a baby girl's dress, combine retro prints with frills, fringes and beads.


How about adding eye-catchy graphics and quotes on your baby’s rompers and shirts? Lately, the trend has not been taking over adult wardrobe but also baby wardrobes. You can also get it customized and get the graphics of your choice and something that goes well with the baby’s personality. Here are some fun ideas which you might like on the little one’s clothes.

  • Your baby’s favourite nursery rhyme lyrics and graphics
  • Quotes that relate to the baby's lifestyle
  • Fun Illustrations

100% Organic Clothes

Some baby clothing trends are really a blessing and organic clothing is one of them. All thanks to the medical experts and environmentalists who have been stressing on the use of organic clothing for the sake of baby's and the environment's well-being. Natural cotton is soft and very gentle on the baby's skin and above all, it is not lined with harmful chemicals which keeps the skin safe from allergic reactions. There could not have been a better trend than this one. Treat your baby with organic clothing now by heading over to This clothing is everything your baby needs to live a healthy and happy life.

Asymmetrical Dresses

Are you tired of making your baby girl wear basic cuts and designs? Well, now you don’t need to be because asymmetrical dresses have made their way into the world of baby fashion. The asymmetrical cut is perfect for casual and formal occasions and looks very stylish. Apart from the cuts, asymmetry has also been seen in colours and prints which gives a very unique look.


If all else fails, denim is always there to the rescue and can save you from a fashion blunder. Baby girls and boys can rock the look in various ways. It is a misconception that denim only looks appropriate for bottoms. No, that's not the case anymore. Step out, visit the mall and you will see denim frocks, dresses, rompers and even accessories. The best part is that denim is classic and has never gone out of fashion. However, there have always been slight changes in its washes. For example, dark wash and ripped denim are among the common styles.


Making the baby follow the latest trends is no doubt all fun and games but don’t neglect their health in the process. You need to be very careful when dressing up the baby because their skin is fragile and it can only bear so much. Here are a few things which should be on your fingertips.

  • Avoid rough material to keep the baby comfortable at all times.
  • Don’t turn them into a fashion icon forcefully. If your baby doesn’t stop crying after dressing up then chances are he is not comfortable.
  • Don’t suffocate the baby in an attempt to make them look like a showstopper. In simple words, avoid layers.

“Turn your babies into little trendsetters without compromising on their health. Simply visit or follow us on our social pages to shop your hearts out”






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