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Ultimate Baby Gifts Guide for 0-2 Years Old

by Natasha S on September 19, 2019

Has your friend recently invited you to her baby’s sip n see party? That's exciting but we are sure you must have been thinking a lot about what to give as a gift to the newborn. Deciding on a gift for babies is a difficult task. Multiple factors have to be taken into consideration when buying something for the little ones. You can't just randomly pick up a toy, shirt, or anything else because of how cute it looks. A proper consideration needs to be made prior to making the purchase of the gift.

Being stuck in such a situation often bombards your mind with certain questions before finalizing the gift. For instance, is the product safe enough for the child? Will it contribute to the child's learning process? Is the child old enough to use a certain item? And if you are giving edibles then just make sure the ingredients are healthy. The existence of such questions prolongs your buying decision and stress comes as an extra topping here. 

To ease your worries linked with gift shopping, we have come up with a helpful list of things you can buy for 0-2 year old babies. All of these gifts are thoughtful and easy to find. Sounds so relieving, right? Continue reading to know what all you can get for the newborns.


  1. Milestone Book

How exciting is to know that your mom had recorded your first steps, first smile, and first words? It is such an adorable trip down the memory lane. Pass on this excitement to your friends who will be giving birth to beautiful souls in the near future. Doing this is simple. Order a customized milestone book where these new moms can save their child’s firsts and cherish the memories for years to come.


  1. Musical Toys

Help the new moms boost sensory development and cognitive abilities of their newborns. Musical toys have specially designed tunes which help the brain to work faster and efficiently. It is also believed that babies who are exposed to music tend to have better speech and listening skills. Hence, kill all the doubts in your mind related to musical toys. Buy it for your friend’s baby without giving it much thought and the parents are going to love it too.


  1. Unique Toy Storage Boxes

The dilemma faced by mothers when there's a tsunami of toys in the living room is real. There's already too much on their plate so they can't keep organizing the toys every now and then. The absence of a storage box makes it even worse. Be that considerate guest who makes everything 5 times convenient for others. Get a nicely designed toy storage box for the baby and the super tired moms will love you forever.


  1. Basketball Set

Does your friend’s toddler take more interest in sporty stuff? If yes, then go get them a basketball set. It's nothing too big or difficult to set up.  It does sound a bit too much for a 2-year-old but this is one of the best ways to make their learning process strong as this is the time when a child learns everything fast. It tends to improve their motor skills as well which plays an important role in their life later on.


  1. Easel /Drawing Board

A lot of children develop their love for art and craft at the earliest stage of their life. Support and encourage their obsession with painting and sketching by gifting them an easel with a set of paints and colour pencils. It is a healthy way to keep the children engaged and allows them to express themselves using brushes and pencils.


  1. Organic Clothing

It is very thoughtful to gift something that positively contributes to a baby’s health. Organic clothing is one such product. Moms are always too concerned about their baby’s health and we are sure this is going to make them very happy. Organic clothing reduces the chances of skin conditions from developing and keeps your baby away from the chemicals in non-organic fabric as it does not have any residues of pesticides or insecticides. Are you stuck thinking where to buy these healthy pieces of clothing from? has the finest and trendiest collection of baby-friendly and eco-friendly clothing at affordable prices. Take our word, you wouldn’t want to miss out on them and it is not an issue if you do not reside in the US as the brand offers worldwide shipping.


  1. Organic Personal Care Products

Other than organic clothing, there are a number of other organic products that you can bless the child with. Tell your mom friends that fragrant and processed personal care products are not really good for the baby. Do it in the most creative manner by gifting them a basket full of organic goodies. These may include organic shampoos, lotions, soaps, oils and so much more. Guess what? You can even make them at home by looking it up on the internet. This is going to be full of emotions and meaning. Your friend will remember it forever.


  1. Bedtime Story Books

It is by far one of the best ways to develop reading habits in a child. A set of bedtime storybooks with a thoughtful message makes a great gift for toddlers. Reading out stories also strengthens the bond between the parents and their babies and helps them get a deep and peaceful sleep. See if you can get your hands on Llama Llama Red Pajama or Goodnight Moon.

  1. Lego Blocks

You should gift Lego blocks for all the right reasons to these little champs. They are easy to find and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will be doing a great favour to the child and the parents as it will boost their creativity, teamwork abilities and help develop problem solving and mathematical skills.

  1. Play-Doh

That's another widely available gift item for 2-year-olds. Play-doh sets usually come in bright colours to attract the kids and most often they are found with cutters and stencils to form interesting shapes. Also, they are not too expensive so your bank balance will probably stay in good shape. Further, Play-Doh will enhance the child’s experimental skills and encourage them to play with their imagination.

Turn your babies into little trendsetters without compromising on their health. Simply visit or follow us on our social pages to shop your hearts out.





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