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Why Should Your Baby Wear Organic Clothing?

by Natasha S on September 19, 2019

It's not just the diet and the environment that ensures a baby's physical well-being. Research shows that clothing also has an integral part to play in developing a child's immunity. Most of us do not realize the flip side of poorly made clothes because we put too much focus on color and design. This is why experts pledge parents to make their babies wear organic clothing as much as possible to avoid any serious consequences. It is important to know that a baby's immunity is not as strong as an adult so even the slightest of reactions make them uncomfortable and you keep catering to their crying and wailing out of excruciating pain caused by rashes and the urge to itch. Organic clothing tends to bring multiple benefits for the baby and eventually the parents cannot undermine their value.

Here are all the reasons why your baby should wear organic.

  1. Chemical-free

It is hard to imagine the number of pesticides and chemicals that are involved in the development of conventional material for clothing. It is one of the biggest known causes of painful skin diseases in infants and toddlers. Baby skin is more permeable than an adult's due to which the residues of chemicals on the cloth absorb quickly and breed irritable skin conditions. Also, their immune system is not strong enough to fight with the bacteria and viruses residing on clothing lined with chemicals. Often, parents are unable to figure the real reason behind the baby's endless tears and screaming because it is usually beyond anyone's imagination that a synthetic cloth can bring such ordeal.

  1. Comfort

If you are a parent then you must have gone through the days when you wondered how your friend's baby is so peaceful and calm. One thing you need to realize here is the fact that a baby does not ask for big things like us adults. All they want in their life is timely meals, comfort and love and affection from their guardians. Comfortable clothing is one way to provide warmth and comfort to these tiny souls. Synthetic material often has an uneven texture which results in redness and at times the discomfort gets a bit too much handle and the baby just wouldn't get to sleep for long peaceful hours. He/She would keep waking up every couple of hours seeking for the desired level of comfort and no wonder this is an added stress for the parents. Organic cotton is highly recommended to keep your baby comfortable and live the life they deserve.

  1. Lasts Longer

You cannot debate on the durability of synthetic material because it’s a proven fact that it fails to live longer. It’s life usually depends on the number of washes and the level of usage. It keeps losing its quality after every wash and every time your baby wears it. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is resilient. Don’t believe it? Here is a fact about it which you cannot deny as it is scientifically proven. Organic cotton lasts about 100 washes without losing its original aura. If you still don’t believe it then here is the same piece of information about conventional material as well. According to textile experts, conventional and synthetic material cannot bear more than 10 to 20 washes. And bear in mind, baby clothes have to be washed multiple times because of various reasons such as spilt milk or leaky diapers.

  1. Environment-friendly

Everyone should aspire to leave a healthy and safe environment for the generations to come which obviously includes their own children as well. We all know how the planet has been constantly under threat because of our actions. And this is why we need more people to step forward to save the planet from further deterioration. You are not only doing a favor for your baby when buying organic clothing but also to the environment. The growth of organic cotton uses far less water which is actually good for handling water crisis and minimum use of chemicals and pesticides keeps the soil in good shape and fertile. Also, this ethical practice does not kill the bugs unnecessarily just for the sake of rapid growth of cotton. This should definitely compel you to buy organic clothing for your child and not only improve his/her health but also leave a better planet for them. Play your part even if it's one baby romper.

  1. Better for Farmers

Just one romper made out of organic cotton does not only protect your child from certain diseases but also proves to be great for the farmers. It tends to keep them and their families safe. One cannot stress enough on the harmful impact of chemicals on the farmers and their families. The chemicals used in conventional cotton usually interfere with their food and water supply. So many farmers and their family members are exposed to life-threatening diseases because of such unfortunate incidents.

  1. Fair Value for Money

We, humans, strive to buy everything which provides fair value for money. Organic clothing is one thing that proves to be a great investment. The amount you pay for your baby's naturally grown cotton romper does not account for the material only. It's more about what goes behind the production of organic cotton. By purchasing natural material you are actually paying for better soil, water conservation, farmer livelihoods and purer air.

  1. Above All, You Make a Difference!

You prove yourself to be a kind and considerate person who cares for the environment and the livelihood of everyone in the world. It's a huge contribution to the elimination of diseases and environmental risks associated with conventional cotton. So if your baby still doesn't own organic clothing then it's high time you buy some. No worries if you can't leave your space and go to the mall because SoftBaby has got you covered. It is one of the convenient and affordable online stores which offers trendy and healthy baby clothing.

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