About Us

1. Love for Earth

At SoftBaby, we love Earth and our environment. All our products are made out of 100% organic cotton which are free of chemicals and pesticides. Our organic cotton clothes are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified which ensure our products meet the highest global standards for organic clothing.

2. Love for Babies

At SoftBaby we design with babies needs at the forefront. We only use high quality and baby safe materials, that's why you will see that our fabric is made from only the best grade of organic cotton; our fasteners are completely nickel free and we only use water-based inks on our prints. All of this ensures the maximum comfort and highest safety for little ones.

3. Love for Design

SoftBaby is not just about practical products. Our company is also dedicated to designing the cutest products that make babies and moms happy. We want to push our creativity to the max to create excellent products that bring joy to families—products that make you smile and are made with love. 

4. Love for Humanity

We collaborate with GOTS-certified manufacturers where the materials are ethically sourced, the factories’ waste is disposed correctly, energy consumption is within a certain threshold, and workers are treated fairly in terms of wages and work hours.