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The Geography of the Heart

How do we begin? Without mentioning the obvious. The obvious of the worldwide shared experience of 2020. 

Was this really the year of 20/20, as in vision and clarity, turning blurry? In glances, perhaps. 

Though in persistence, the year has been much more about shifting our view from worldly horizons to the geography of our hearts. That’s where clarity begins! 

How have you been touching upon new awareness? We’d love to hear from you, your stories of challenge and struggle, inspiration and hope. 

How have our artists and starters been hearing new? By going back to the start, to our original intentions. Going deeper, finding once hidden expressions. 

Renewal from the depths. Seeing the world in baby’s unblemished view. Colors vivid fresh. Sounds coming across as newly minted. Touch like the sky upon the skin. 

We were brought together by the new life, the baby, in your life. To share with you this journey of going back to the start. 

As you see our newborn vision cast outwards, we will invite you into spaces to express your new re-foundedness too. 

That each of us in our own entrusted fields can sow in truth, well beyond 2020 in touchful resolution, 20/20. So grateful, that’s how we’ll begin.



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