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Our Clothing  

Orchestral. Symphonic. Our baby clothing is a faithful interplay of heart and art, fabric and care. 

A harmonic composition for mom and baby sharing world. A melody to hear in touch, and share in touch.

Heart and Art

Our baby clothing is founded in good and true:

Intention /  a clarified expression for mom and baby’s shared time

Imagery /  thoughtful and playful, beautiful and natural

Story /  a participatory touchpoint into a newborn’s emerging world

Canvas /  a tone that pulls back for life to lean in

Fabric and Care

Our baby clothing is crafted with good and true:

Cotton /  the nestling of our vivid soft, 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification

Ink /  art printed with whispering, skin-gentle water-based ink that’s toxic-free

Fasteners /  pure-snapping, hypoallergenic nickel-free fasteners that won’t irritate

Conscience /  relational, ethical production and stewardship-driven, eco-friendly processes



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