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Our Care  


Baby Friendly 

Baby’s skin touches the world innocently, like sky upon the skin. Our passion at SoftBaby is to sustain that sensibility through newborn years. 

Since baby’s skin is 3-5 times thinner than adults’, it’s more vulnerable to the adverse effects of pesticides and fertilizers used in traditional cotton production. Even “100% cotton” labeled garments consist of, on average, 27% chemicals, resins and binders.

Far better for baby is 100% organic cotton with GOTS certification. This cotton is qualified by strict standards and diligent inspections from cotton fields to final clothing. The entirety of fabric and adornments of the finished labeled piece are required to meet the world’s highest safety benchmarks set by GOTS.

SoftBaby’s got that, because we get it. Babies see the world anew in an unblemished view. We want them to feel the world for the first time that way too. Every SoftBaby piece plays vivid soft, high-definition gentle, for a faithful embrace, the setting for life’s rising



Stars light the promises, the earth is hope’s path unto them. The artists and starters of SoftBaby are all hands in for stewarding our only way home. For the babies of now, for the grown ups of tomorrow.

Massive amounts of water are used for “run of the mill” cotton production. Large portions of ill-treated cotton fields are harvested for oil, meal and hull, from which chemicals enter our food supply. Millions of birds and fish are affected every year from contaminated air dust and water runoff.

Far better are organic cotton approaches which protect, preserve and promote the fundamental forward way of earth. Organic cotton production uses only ten percent of the water footprint of “unregular” cotton. Rivers of crystal water, abundant food, singing birds, in the light of our path.

SoftBaby’s on it. Our personal part in a globally shared response. We extend that touch along the way with newborn clothing that embraces every baby’s unique story, from original origins to generational promises


Relationship Friendly 

Our clothing is ethically made by working with factories where working conditions are safe and hygienic; fair wages are paid; and no excessive working hours are enforced.


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